Surfacing: Red Kite

on Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Roughly four and half years ago, Daniel Fisher decided to leave The Cooper Temple Clause. The band dissolved soon after. Fisher has now returned to the music scene (along with four buddies) with a new project, Red Kite. The project also features Pure Reason Revolution drummer Paul Glover and someone called Peanut, who I assume isn't the same bloke from the Kaiser Chiefs. Or an actual peanut. Anyway, splendid debut single 'Montreal' comes out next month and you can hear it below.

'Montreal' might be a tale of the dissolution of a relationship between two lovers but perhaps it is also a story of Mr Fisher's departure from his previous band? Perhaps? Perhaps not. Either way, it is a wonderfully soaring, hook-filled single. Let's hope their debut single is just the beginning of something special. Listen to 'Montreal' and the demo of 'The Gathering Storm' below.

STREAM: Red Kite - Montreal

'Montreal' will be released on 7" vinyl and free download on December 5th. For more details, head to Bandcamp.

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