Surfacing: YADi

on Thursday, November 17, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Sometime late last year we came across Hannah Yadi and had expected her to complete a Marina & The Diamonds-esque journey of blog buzz to well received debut album by now. It's not quite happened but she's just unveiled a new YADi track, a free download of 'Sahara Heart', continuing her electro-pop odyssey.

Hannah used to be the vocalist in Cambridge band Hella Cholla so she has a history of slightly dubious names. The uppercase meets lowercase YADi being a tad less suspect but still odd. Luckily, her music is much more palatable. Indeed, it's little surprise that Warner Bros have signed her.

Hannah's latest track 'Sahara Heart' combines Balearic synth with anthemic melodies and a sinister undertone. But it's previous offering 'Gold' that I have the most fondness for, with its massive singalong chorus and compelling percussion. Listen to those two tracks, along with 'Guillotine' below.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sahara Heart by YADi



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