Album Review: Mike Patton - The Solitude Of Prime Numbers [Soundtrack]

on Saturday, December 03, 2011
Mike Patton - 'The Solitude of Prime Numbers' (Music From The Film And Inspired By The Book) (UK Release: 14 Nov '11) // Words: Simon Opie

When it comes to pursuit of a singular musical vision there’s not many who can hold a candle to Mike Patton. From his work with John Zorn to The Fantomas/Melvins Big Band via Peeping Tom his output has ranged over a multitude of styles from Free Jazz to Rap. His latest work being the soundtrack for the acclaimed 2010 movie of the novel of the same name.

The one common theme is Patton's seriousness of intent and the quality of the output, which if anything, seems to be improving with age. Of course, he may be best known for his days as a Metal icon with Faith No More and to prove my point their 2009 reunion tour was as thrilling and engaging as first time around with the added ingredient of Patton’s much improved vocal dynamics, meaning they were actually better than ever.

This is a brooding collection of dark, slow moving pieces. It is deliberately complex and relatively inaccessible and is definitely mood music – indeed Patton himself advises that it’s not suitable for raves, and if you want to learn more then check out this interview.

It’s certainly a serious and accomplished piece of work from a man who is notoriously driven but who, like Calexico, often reveals his lighter side in live performance. It’s a terrific listen, although if you want something with a bit more kapow then maybe wait for the new Tomahawk album due out in 2012.


STREAM: Mike Patton - Separatrix

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