Live Review: Worship @ St Pancras Old Church

on Monday, December 05, 2011
Worship at St Pancras Old Church, London (1 Dec '11) // Words: Saam Das

I am very, very silly. Which is why I got lost on the way to this gig. Particularly silly as I used to live in the area and spent the best part of four years at a nearby university. Consequently, I missed Alpines for the umpteenth time. I'm not sure I'll ever see them at this rate. However, I did get to see Worship, who have steadily been building buzz around their recently released debut single, 'House Of Glass'.

That single came out on Killing Moon Records, born out of the Killing Moon Limited blog, and we enjoyed briefly catching up with Achal of that very blog, as well as Robin of Breaking More Waves fame. We weren't the only ones around as the gig had sold out well in advance, although there was plenty of room when I turned up. Not that I'm complaining, I like my personal space.

STREAM: House Of Glass by Worship

I'm a little dubious about a band called Worship playing in a church but they made the most of the unique setting - shrouding themselves in fog/dry ice and using sparse lighting to develop a special atmosphere. Or at least try to. Unfortunately, playing a gig in a church also led to certain technical difficulties which occassionally rather distracted affairs.

It might have been a result of all the wandering around in King's Cross before the gig but I honestly expected to enjoy Worship's set a lot more than I did. Aside from the impressive finale of 'In Our Blood', I left feeling that it was a little more style over substance. Perhaps their dark electronica-by-way-of-Radiohead isn't my thing, after all. Check out a couple of live tracks below from Glastonbury 2011 and make your own minds up.

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