Surfacing: Iman [New Artist]

on Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Ed Sheeran was one of the most commercially successful new artists of 2011. In the midst of his meteoric rise, he co-wrote songs with London singer-songwriter Iman, who very much has the potential to become one of the most popular artists of 2012. Indeed, she's already won a competition to play the Big Chill Festival later this year. Unfortunately, pop's a fickle business but debut single 'Only You' should go down as a timeless ballad.

'Only You' was one of the tracks co-written with Sheeran and the result is a delicate, heartfelt offering. Complete with strings. More pop songs need strings. In fact, more of Iman's demos could do with strings to beef them up. Alternatively, she could continue in a dancier direction as exhibited by her lively 'I Hold The Stars' demo. I think I'd quite like that.

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