Listen: Capitals - All These Years [New Single]

on Friday, June 15, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Edinburgh duo Kier MacCulloch and Angus Carbarns

I hadn't heard of Edinburgh electro-poppers Capitals until very recently. Despite being around for a couple of years, this is only Kier MacCulloch and Angus Carbarns' second single, following 'Jealousy'/'Sinking Ships'. It also happens to be a stormer.

Edinburgh is genuinely one of my favourite places in the world so it's pleasing to see that it can offer as much musically as it does in other respects. (Although Capitals were admittedly birthed in the Highlands.) 'All These Years' shares the same gloriously anthemic ethos of 'Shine On You' by STRANGERS, while offering a more beat-laden undercurrent.

Acoustic b-side 'Ode To An End' slows the pace, opting for more of a dream-pop tinge. Beginning in a relatively pedestrian fashion, the track soars before ending all too soon. An interesting counterpart to the synth stylings of 'All These Years', suggesting the band have plenty of ideas up their sleeve. Let's hope they continue to deliver.

'All These Years' was released on June 4th. Find more info at

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