Surfacing: HAIM [New Music]

on Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Hype can be a dangerous thing. Few bands can ride the wave, and many fall to the wayside. One of the few to successfully meet expectations have been HAIM, "three sisters and one mister", who wowed the music industry at US festival SXSW while following it up for the UK music industry at The Great Escape 2012. We saw them at the latter event and were rather impressed.

The quartet play a unique brand of folk, blues, rock and even a carry an undercurrent of RnB. Moreover, HAIM are ridiculously charismatic, best demonstrated in their stage banter during live performances. It would be an understatement to recommend seeing them live, even if you find their recorded material underwhelming. We'll be seeing them again at their forthcoming Dingwalls gig.

They recently recorded a video for 'Forever', one of the tracks from the EP of the same name that propelled HAIM to notable fame. I'm not sure why they're doing girl-band dance moves seeing as that seems like the antithesis of what HAIM are about but the video does manage to convey some of the energy of the live experience. As well as demonstrating their incessantly toe-tapping material. Tickets are still available for that Dingwalls gig, you know what to do.

Download the 'Forever' EP for free at

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