Surfacing: Matt Corby [New Music]

on Friday, June 29, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Australian solo artist

I'd argue that of the current crop of Aussie musicians, Oliver Tank is spearheading the male solo artist movement with his majestic electronica. Others may point to Sydney's Matt Corby, who is more in the Jeff Buckley mould. Listen to the tracks from his recent free EP below.

You might recognise the name as Matt signed to folk heroes Communion Records a couple of years ago. Or maybe even as the runner up of 'Australian Idol' in 2007, as a sixteen year old. Pretty surprising all round. Matt's followed up his Communion releases with a new EP, 'Made Of Stone', which you can download for the price of an email address.

The title track is of particular interest, melding his Jeff Buckley inspiration with the unflinching beauty of Wild Beasts. Listen to that efforts, along with the more sparse, atmospheric EP tracks 'Breathe' and 'Winter' below. Despite Matt's early success, he's still largely unknown outside his native land - his debut album could change all that. We'll have to see.

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