Listen: Air To Achilles - Wild Palms [New Single]

on Thursday, July 05, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Mid-noughties indie giants The Futureheads and Maximo Park threatened to lead UK music into an endlessly enjoyable direction. Which then swiftly ended. Music moves in cyclical trends, after all. But along came Newcastle quartet Air To Achilles, who put together the animated electro-pop of 'If My Heart Stops Beating' in 2010. They're back with a new track, 'Wild Palms'.

Opting against the head noddingly irrestible intro of 'If My Heart Stops Beating, 'Wild Palms' instead immediately kicks into more of an epic experimental-pop vibe. Shades of Foals and Yeasayer seep through against electro-rock foundations. Dare I say, a better class of anthem.

It's a continuation of a sound they've honed for a while now, with another similar single 'Diamonds In The Snow' coming out earlier in the year. And we're rather enjoying that sound. The fanfare thus far has been near non-existent outside of their locality but we suspect Air To Achilles will soon be turning heads rapidly.

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