Surfacing: Eye Emma Jedi [New Music]

on Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Despite forming in Liverpool and being around for a good couple of years, Eye Emma Jedi have yet to release an official debut UK single - instead, they've found more of a home in Norway, the origin of some of their members. But now Killing Moon have taken a long awaited punt on the band, releasing the post-hardcore meets raucous indie anthem 'Sin' in August.

I suppose it's a pretty appropriate time to be writing about Eye Emma Jedi, considering one of their members is calledAndrew Murray. Grand Slam tennis champion in waiting AND excellent musician. He's obviously not the only talented musician of the bunch, with Exhibit A being bassist Dan Croll who is carving his own (relatively successful) solo path.

Dubious wordplay aside, Eye Emma Jedi have put together some pretty special tunes - taking in catchy pop elements and offsetting them against an indie rock background. We're hearing everything from Foals to A. Yeah that band that did a song about Starbucks. Shining, genre-blending efforts such as on b-side 'Crucified' and former single 'Lights'.

'Sin' will be released as a digital download on August 6th on Killing Moon Records. Find more info at

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