Month In Reviews: July 2012

on Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A slew of film reviews this month, including some appropriately super superhero outings by messrs Batman and Spiderman, as well as some fine returns in the music world from Liars and Twin Shadow album-wise. For those reviews and more, keep reading below.


'The Amazing Spider-Man' // Saam Das

'The Dark Knight Rises' // Saam Das

'Electrick Children' // Saam Das

'Killer Joe' // Saam Das

'Glastonbury The Movie: In Flashback' // Saam Das

'Revenge Of The Electric Car' // Saam Das

'The Man Inside' // Lauren Johnson-Ginn


Liars - 'WIXIW' // Simon Opie

Twin Shadow - 'Confess' // Rajan Lakhani

Angus Stone - 'Broken Brights' // Raman K


'Life Is Sweet' @ Rooftop Film Club // Alison Potter

'The Random Adventures Of Brandon Generator' @ The Farmiloe Building // Saam Das

National Theatre Live in cinemas, 'Frankenstein' // Saam Das

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