Surfacing: Saint Lou Lou [New Band]

on Monday, August 06, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Australia / Sweden sisters

Another day, another mystery band. Although this duo is a little less mysterious than usual, with an ACTUAL PROMO PHOTO. Unless they're pulling a Milli Vanilli. Saint Lou Lou are twin sisters from Sweden and/or Australia. Their debut single, 'Maybe You', comes out on Kitsuné later this month - listen to it below, and download a free minimix.

Unlike in recent film 'Searching For Sugar Man', we assume there won't be a decades long wait to find out a bit more about Saint Lou Lou. Hopefully it'll be a similar story with regards to new tracks, as we have a limited amount of material on offer. But what we have is a pretty special start - the beautiful, dreamy 'Maybe You'. Hat tip to Flying With Anna for putting the duo on our radar.

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