Surfacing: SILVER [New Artist]

on Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Words: Simon Opie

SILVER (yes, capitals just like us) is the home recording project of Manchester based sound artist, Molly Macleod, who's just released is a free AA Side 'Behemoth'/'Rib', with a pair of beguiling videos to back up the songs. Check those out below, along with a couple of older SILVER tracks.

Macleod started her new project following the demise of Red Tides, her former band. To quote the press release, she began "recording drum loops by dropping coins on tables or throwing books at walls, feeding back electric guitars to near obscurity, and creating beautifully intricate harmonies with her impressive vocal ability".

And indeed the two songs draw on dark shifting textures to create a brooding, somewhat sinister, atmosphere. 'Behemoth' is the less conventional and hence my favourite, sounding like a lost melody floating to the surface from a shipwreck. Buried deep in the mix is a sweet voice that sounds a distressingly long way away, and this voice takes much more of the lead on 'Rib', which is consequently a more conventional song.

Checking the Soundcloud, it seems that SILVER songs do generally fall into one or other of these two approaches, with 'Silt' and 'Red Eye' tending to the dark side. I’m maybe not selling the songs that well but they really do have a brooding presence and a shimmering electronica that promises an interesting career for SILVER. Well worth checking out.

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