TV Preview: Red Dwarf X [New Series]

on Thursday, October 04, 2012
'Red Dwarf' Series X (2012) // Words: Saam Das

"The brand new smegging series." Cult British TV classic 'Red Dwarf' returns to our fair screens this evening, the first full series of the show since 1999. Six new episodes have been commissioned by Dave, a channel best known as the home of endless BBC comedy show re-runs. (That we still watch, obviously.) Check out some clips from 'Red Dwarf X' below.

Dave was responsible for the three-part mini-series 'Back To Earth' which landed (ahem) in 2009, to mixed reaction from fans and critics. However, it proved popular enough to lead to a set of new episodes, with Lister (Craig Charles), Kryten (Robert Llewelyn), Rimmer (Chris Barrie, and The Cat (Danny John-Jules) returning.

For those unfamiliar with this sci-fi sitcom, the premise might not sound terrifically enticing - the show follows the crew of the Red Dwarf mining vessel, as they journey through space. Lister is the last remaining human after a radiation leak that takes three million years to dissipate, and he is joined by Rimmer (a hologram), The Cat (evolved from Lister's cat) and Kryten (a service mechanoid), forming a ludicrous ragtag bunch. Imagine an offbeat 'Star Trek'.

I'm cautiously optimistic about 'Red Dwarf X', even if it might not return to the heights of the International Emmy Award-winning episode 'Gunmen Of The Apocalypse'. With 'Doctor Who' away from our TV sets for the next couple of months, this is the perfect time to fall in love with British sci-fi all over again.

'Red Dwarf X' begins tonight at 9pm on UK TV channel Dave. Find more info at

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