Surfacing: Ali Ingle [New Artist]

on Monday, December 10, 2012
Words: Saam Das

Life's full of odd co-incidences but it's unusual when you start listening to an artist and their mum emails you on the same evening to check out her son's new songs. Luckily for Ali Ingle and his mother, I instantly fell in love with the spritely 'Tornado'. Listen to it below, and an array of his tracks over the last year.

'Tornado' is the standout from 'The Man And The Monster' EP, released earlier in the year. Almost immediately upbeat, and with a catchy female vocal hook, 'Tornado' showcases Ali at his best - moving in a more whimsical, twee direction. The beautiful string instrumentation tops off a quite superb track.

Ali's other work is often a little too on the melodramatic side for my tastes but his penchant of working with female singers is a welcome move - providing a suitable contrast to his vocals. He's already worked with Kathryn Williams and is continuing that trend on his upcoming 'Magic In The Mundane' EP - such as on 'Empty House', which features guest vocalist Meghann Cheetham.

Not just an accomplished singer-songwriter, Ali is also a bit of a dab hand at the old music video malarkey. He's directed a series of videos for his tracks this year, which you can view on YouTube. Regardless of where his talent lies, Ali Ingle is clearly on the rise. Check out a variety of his tracks below, including the opener to his new EP, 'I Got You'.

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