Listen: Kate Nash - 3AM [Album Preview]

on Thursday, January 24, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Kate Nash is a bit of an enigma. Or perhaps more of a chameleon. Over the last few years, she's been something of a pop princess as well as an angsty riot grrrl. On her new track, '3AM', she mixes the two in terrific fashion - giving us a small taste of 'Girl Talk', Nash's forthcoming album.

After a debateable move into grunge with 'Under-Estimate The Girl', '3AM' is a welcome return to the pop melodies that saw Nash become a considerable commercial success with debut album, 'Made Of Bricks'. Her follow-up, 'My Best Friend Is You', was less of a success - although an improvement musically in my eyes. Perhaps that trend is set to continue.

'3AM' sadly isn't a cover of the Busted song of the same name (genuinely a great song) but is relentlessly bouncy pop, with a chunky bassline that's most welcome. The lyrics are the usual Kate Nash life-inspired offerings, which are open for criticism but I'm a fan. I've often wondered "how did it get to 3AM?"

Back when 'Under-Estimate The Girl' came out, I was surprised at the strength of the backlash toward Nash. I thought it was pretty darn narrow-sighted, noting the likelihood that "some of the critics will even come on board by the time the first track from Nash's new album arrives." I'd like to think that some of the critics have indeed come round. You know what they say, never under-estimate girls.

'Girl Talk' is due out on April 4th. Find more info at

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