Playlist: Howard Gorman's Top Ten Tracks Of 2012

on Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Words: Howard Gorman

The FADED GLAMOUR Top 25 Tracks Of 2012 were published earlier in the week but here's my top ten of the last year. Watch videos of the ten tracks below, featuring the likes of Muse, BASTILLE and The Crookes.


10. Tim Hickox - 'The Pretty Pride Of Russia'
This came out of nowhere for me and his Leonard Cohen-esque voice drew me all the way in and then some. His debut album, 'War, Peace And Diplomacy', is due out soon and is going to be a belter but in the meantime check out this track along with `'The Angel Of The North'.

9. Stereophonics - 'In A Moment'
To be completely honest, I really went off these guys after the first couple of albums but have really high expectations this time round. This is still Stereophonics but there something about it that amps things up to an all new level.

8. The Son(s) – 'If I Hear You Talk Apostrophes Again'
Here's another band I had never heard of until I reviewed this track as a Fresh Fave on Fresh on the Net. It's got some Iggy Pop pangs, some Queens Of The Stone Age but if this is not your cup of tea please don't be put off as their have a bash at folk and Americana; vice-versa, or something completely different entirely on their latest EP 'Leviathan'. Definitely one to watch.

7. Muse - 'Madness'
Unfortunately Muse got a bit of a hard time from the press this year and although I didn't enjoy this year's album as a whole, 'Madnes's is quite possible one of the best things the trio have recorded to date. Definitely, Matt Bellamy's best vocal performance yet.

6. The Struts - 'I Just Know'
Basically as soon as I head this I just knew they would be strutting to the big time in 2013. 'Nuff said. An absolutely great rock record reminding me of the Who and, dare I say, Reef (but fiftyfold better obviously).

5. Palma Violets - 'Best Of Friends'
No, I'm not talking reminiscing about those violet-flavoured sweeties we all loved but rather the south-east London five-piece that are causing a stir, particularly at the NME HQ. Need I say more? Looks like Rough Trade have picked up on the next big thing. Although not my top track of the year I expect these guys to dominate 2013 and beyond.

4. Spring Offensive - 'Not Drowning But Waving'
Having hardly heard anything from these fellows, I fell in love with this band straight away. There's no catchy chorus or anything that makes it stick into your skull but it's so hauntingly brilliant it will linger with you for ever. Look forward to more of these in 2013.

3. The Crookes - 'Maybe In The Dark'
I loved their first album but, despite a very short breather before they got back into the recording studio their new material is so much superior. 'Maybe In The Dark' is the best of the bunch here although it was no easy task deciding on only one.

2. BASTILLE - 'Flaws'
I think BASTILLE are about as good as it gets when it comes to British indie-pop at the moment and 2012's single 'Flaws' doesn’t fail. Dan Smith and co. are at their most infectious with this synth driven track combined with perfectly gauged harmonies.

1. PAWS - 'Sore Tummy'
Hands down the best track in 2012, it just blew everything else out of the water for me and I'm shocked it didn't make it on many end of year top lists. If you liked the Smashing Pumpkins when they rocked the house and want to discover possibly the best drummer in a band right now then 'Sore Tummy' is for you.

Listen to the playlist at YouTube or in the embed at the top of the page.

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