Download: Thumpers - Velveteen [New B-Side]

on Friday, February 08, 2013
Words: Saam Das

London duo Thumpers released their debut single this week, the excellent 'Dancing's Done'. With the release coming out on 7" vinyl, download and cassette, they've had a few B-Sides to spare. Listen to one of those cuts, 'Velveteen', below and download.

'Velveteen' might not start in typically inspiring Thumpers fashion but it does eventually get to the joyous hands-in-the-air sound that the band are quickly becoming famous for. It's almost too easy to get caught up in the brilliance. And if you haven't already lost yourself in the magical haze of 'Dancing's Done', you can do so below.

Download 'Velveteen' for free at 'Dancing's Done' is out now. Find more info at

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