Listen: Bordeauxxx - Stupid Noble Reasons [New Single]

on Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Words: Saam Das

It's entirely possible that you enjoy Valentine's Day. I'm pretty non-plussed about it. My best Valentine's Day experience was watching Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock romcom 'Two Weeks Notice' at the cinema. My girlfriend at the time fell asleep within about ten minutes but I quite enjoyed the film. Bordeauxxx's latest single 'Stupid Noble Reasons' reminds me of those mixed emotions.

In case you're wondering why I'm harping on about Valentine's Day, it's because Bordeauxxx are tying in their newest single 'Stupid Noble Reasons' with their very own handmade Valentine's Day cards. You can totally buy love this year. 'Stupid Noble Reasons' starts off a little surprisingly - almost out of tune - before really stepping it up with some sublime Everything Everything-esque backing vocal hooks.

Anyway, back to the Valentine's Day cards. There will only be 50 (not many left now, I imagine) produced and they won't be available after the 14th. So get on it if you're looking for a bit of reassurance and want to support an upcoming band. You might also want to pick up their mini album, from whence 'Stupid Noble Reasons' comes from, which we previewed back in August with 'The Beach Girls And The Monster'.

Head to Bandcamp to purchase the 'Stupid Noble Reasons' Valentine's Day special, as well as mini album 'Only Fiction'.

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