Surfacing: Jonny Pierce [New Act]

on Thursday, February 21, 2013
Words: Saam Das

I'm not quite sure what's going on with The Drums at the moment but it appears to be full steam ahead for their frontman Jonny Pierce as he goes on a solo vaunt. Having guested on tracks for several other bands of late, Pierce is set to release his debut solo album shortly. Listen to a couple of tracks set to appear on the record below.

Pierce collaborated with the likes of Matthew Dear and IO Echo before unveiling his first solo track since joining The Drums, with 'I Didn't Realise' appearing late last year. I wasn't so hot on that track and its mish-mash of effects, exploring the more hazy side of experimental pop.

However, last week, Pierce revealed a new track called 'Home' - in a stripped back form for Vogue, of all people. Although I'm yet to hear the studio version of the song, I suspect it's this stripped down, longing effort that will continue to mesmerise the most.

Relying on Pierce's warm vocals and eye for a melody, this version of 'Home' is quietly glorious. There's a beauty in its simplicity, and Pierce has struck on a timeless formula. Regardless of what happens to The Drums, it seems that Jonny Pierce will continue to create pop gems.

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