Five Top Deals For Film Fans

on Friday, March 15, 2013

It's a brilliant time for film fans - we now have access to more films than ever to watch, and technology has improved to such an extent that watching them at the home now often compares to the cinematic experience. Of course, watching one of your favourite films on the big screen still remains the zenith but we have a top selection of deals so you can enjoy a film wherever you are.

Up to 50% off amplifier and speaker packs at Pixmania

Sound design is incredibly important for viewers - allowing us to embed ourselves in the cinematic world. Without good sound, much of the escapism is lost. Even the ostensibly silent critical darling 'The Artist' needed to deliver its dramatic score. Sound really is a key element. With that in mind, it's worth investing in the right equipment to enhance the sound in your home cinema. Pixmania are currently offering up to 50% off amplifier and speaker packs.

3 Blu-rays for £17 at Amazon

Assuming you have a high definition television set, there is a marked difference between Blu-ray and DVD. Moreover, Blu-ray discs are now becoming much more affordable. Once you've got all your equipment sorted, you can head to Amazon and pick up 3 Blu-rays for just £17 - at the moment, they have celebrated classics such as 'Lawrence Of Arabia' and 'The Shawshank Redemption', as well as cult hits like 'The Fifth Element'.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet from £158

One of the newest trends in movie-watching has been to use a mobile device like a tablet so you can watch on the move. While we certainly wouldn't recommend watching anything designed for the big screen on a mobile phone, watching a tight-knit drama on a tablet can be an immersive experience. There are plenty of tablets available on which you can view films but if your budget can't quite stretch to an iPad, for example, then perhaps head to PC World and pick up a Samsung Galaxy from £158.

1 month of Netflix for free

Another trend in the consumption of film has been the rising popularity of streaming media. We're very much still playing catch-up with our neighbours across the pond here, where Netflix has over 25 million customers. Streaming a film from the comfort of your own home is the ultimate convenience and you can try the service with 1 month free.

30 days free with Lovefilm + £20 John Lewis voucher

If you still enjoy the idea of having a physical disc but would still prefer a more convenient cinematic experience then Lovefilm may be ideal. In exchange for a monthly subscription, you get a selected number of discs through the post - with free postage and a provided envelope pouch for your disc(s). The service is ever expanding, so try Lovefilm for free for 30 days, and get a £20 John Lewis voucher for a limited time as an added bonus.

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