Listen: The Good Natured - Undercover Martyn (Two Door Cinema Club Cover)

on Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Words: Saam Das

I'm pretty excited to hear that The Good Natured are prepping arguably their finest work to date, 'Lovers', for a potential single release. In the meantime, the trio have been going a bit cover-mad, taking on everyone from New Order to One Direction. Their take on Two Door Cinema Club's 'Undercover Martyn' is probably my favourite effort, judge for yourselves below.

The band seem to love a bit of cover action, and they're often quite good at it - take last year's 'She Drives Me Crazy', for example. Their version of 'Undercover Martyn' doesn't give it a major facelift but wisely chooses a more mellowed approach which highlights just what a great song the original actually is.

The band have also recently released '5-HT', a good four months after the track initially emerged. Perhaps wise considering its initial accompanying claim that 5-HT "helps to release serotonin in our brains" made no sense at all. The Richard X-produced single sounds better than I remember, albeit still in the shadow of the excellent 'Lovers'. Really recommend checking out the acoustic version of 'Lovers' from this post.

Find more info at Listen to more covers from The Good Natured at Soundcloud.

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