Surfacing: Châteaux [New Band]

on Thursday, March 14, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Stumbling onto Mancunian quartet Châteaux was a bit like finding yourself in the 'weird part of YouTube' - you're not quite sure how you got there but you're going to stick around for the rest of the ride. Their Christmas EP impressed, and with their UK tour dates supporting Theme Park beginning today, we figured we should probably actually get round to writing about their majestic dream-pop tinged indie.

Châteaux (or Chateaux, if your keyboard can't quite cope) have found themselves compared to everyone from The Drums to The Cure but I'm going to go with fellow Northerners, Little Comets - the lilting melodies echo the latter's anthemic aspirations.

Châteaux are, of course, their own band. And stunning tracks like the thrilling 'Somebody Else's Dream' demonstrate just as much, especially with its infectious synth line. Even when the pace slows such as during the introspective periods on 'Everything Seems Better', our interest is far from lost - enveloping the listener in its swirling glory.

Find more info at Purchase their 'Châteauxmas' EP from Twisted Tape Recordings.

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