Surfacing: Lionhall [New Band]

on Friday, March 22, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Minimalist pop duo Lionhall seem to be steadily moving down geographically but moving up musically. Originally from Scotland, Lionhall are now based in Newcastle, and are slowly building a strong reputation ahead of an EP release in April. Their debut tracks appeared late last year to positive vibes from the likes of Amazing Radio and now we're here to throw our weight behind the twosome.

Lionhall are all but doomed to be compared to The xx in pretty much every feature on their music, and perhaps understandably so. 'Catch A Light' has the boy-girl vocals, guitar licks, minimalism and beats to match their Mercury Music Prize counterparts. However, there is a flourish to the track that suggests the duo have grander ambitions.

'Perfect' is arguably the strongest 'Lionhall' track, similar to the dream-folk of Mt. Wolf. Ana Blamford's voice showcase both strength and vulnerability, while Sean Ewins offers solemn support with his wistful guitar lines and backing vocals. Don't be fooled by the lo-fi production, Lionhall look set to make a considerable impression with their hypnotic and heartfelt sound.

Download 'Perfect' and 'Catch A Light' at Bandcamp. Find more info at

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