Feature: Alternative Apps For Film Buffs

on Saturday, April 06, 2013
Words: Abbi Cox

There’s a myriad of apps you may be familiar with that are useful for discovering and watching new movies online, using smartphones such as the HTC One and iPhone 5. However, for those who are seriously crazy about films there are a load of alternative apps that offer people something a little more than just lists of top flicks and DVD rentals.

RunPee (iOS/Android/Windows Phone)

Imagine this; you’re sat in the cinema, massive fizzy drink in hand mid-way through the film and bursting to go to the toilet. What do you do? You don’t want to miss any of the movie you’ve just paid to see, and chances are if you do you’ll end up missing a crucial scene.

Fortunately, RunPee puts a stop to this annoying occurrence. The app informs you of the best times to duck out during a movie so you don’t miss any crucial plot developments. Simply key in the name of the film and RunPee lists all the best times to nip to the loo - all you have to do is make sure you’re quick!

HollyTweets (iOS)

If you’re not a fan of Twitter and Facebook, but you’d still like to know what all your favourite movie stars are up to, HollyTweets aggregates social network updates from the top Hollywood celebrities. The app collects together the star’s tweets, pictures and follower stats from Twitter and Facebook, and additional info from the actor’s personal blogs and websites too.

There are over 100 celebrities included in the HollyTweets app, and it allows you to keep up to date with what all the top movie stars are getting up to without having to search through loads of different Facebook and Twitter profiles.

SceneIt? Daily (iOS/Android)

SceneIt? Daily presents users with new quizzes each day that are related to movies, TV, music, and celebrities, offering a great little time-filler during your lunch break or while you wait for the bus. Each daily quiz features six multiple choice questions, and a countdown timer makes sure you can’t cheat by limiting the time you have to sneakily Google the answers. If you miss one of the quizzes you can go back and have a go at the puzzles offered in the last five days, and try your hand at getting a place on the app’s leader board to prove how much you know about movies and celebs.

The Movie Map (iOS)

For those looking to visit places where their favourite movies were filmed, TheMovieMap allows users to locate and search for film locations across the globe. The app is really simple to use and features the Google Maps interface, which means users can utilise the ‘Locate Near Me' function to easily find which movies have been filmed in the area surrounding them.

The app is especially handy if you’re heading to a location renowned for film scenes - such as London or New York - as you’ll probably be able to find more movie locations which are listed using a pin on the map. Click on the pin to find out more information about the scene that was filmed in the location, including the movie's name and year, the scene that was shot there, a short description of the scene, and the address of the film location.

Six Degrees Of Separation (iOS)

Six Degrees Of Separation is a fun smartphone game that is based around the concept that any actor can be linked to another actor through his or her film roles. You may have seen Kevin Bacon going on about six degrees of separation in that recent EE ad, but now you can try and make the connections for yourself. To play you must connect the two given actors on each end of the Walk of Fame to each other. You can get your mates involved too and play against up to four people, to see who really knows their stuff about movies.

So, if movies are your thing and you’d like a bit of assistance and entertainment from your smartphone, these apps will offer a helping hand with a bit of fun added in too.

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