Listen: Tomo Nakayama - Horses [Soundtrack]

on Sunday, April 28, 2013
Words: Saam Das

One of the best things about the ongoing Sundance London festival is that it combines music and film, two of my favourite things in the world. These mediums connect everyday of their own accord, of course. Tomo Nakayama's 'Horses' appears in Sundance film 'Touchy Feely', performed by Nakayama himself in the film - a powerful scene that brings together the emotional strands of the film quite beautifully.

Writer-director Lynn Shelton ('Humpday', 'Your Sister's Sister') pulled off something of a coup in plucking Nakayama from his band Grand Hallway to play the unassuming Henry in 'Touchy Feely'. One of the film's main themes is emotional expression, and not only does Nakayama's performance of 'Horses' capture his character's quiet yearning but Shelton succeeds in using the track to magnificently draw together other character arcs.

Nakayama's vocals soar, in a wondrously arresting manner, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley. The sadness and sombre realisation etched on the faces of Ellen Page and Scoot McNairy as they are witnessing the performance is displayed in the photo above, and probably matched an inner feeling of my own. I find myself reflecting on Nakayama's lyric "love is love, no matter who you're thinking of", which is proving to be tremendously evocative. A simply magical track.

'Touchy Feely' is screening at Sundance London, which concludes this evening. For more info on Tomo Nakayama, visit

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