Listen: Grouplove - Ways To Go [Album Preview]

on Monday, June 10, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Back in 2011, Grouplove delivered the tremendously exciting 'Colours' - taking influences such as Modest Mouse, Pixies, and Arcade Fire in its rousing glory. I must admit that I lost track of the band subsequently but Googling suggests that they had a song feature on an Apple advert, along with a reasonably well-received debut album. Album number two is set to arrive shortly, and here's the first glimpse - the surprisingly synthy 'Ways To Go'.

'Ways To Go' is a considerable step away from the initial rapturous demo that was 'Colours' but it has its own bouncy synth-pop charm. As well as having a quite amusing video, parodying a certain dictator. For some reason, the track even reminds of the Len classic 'Steal My Sunshine' - which is an immensely favourable comparison, I assure you. 'Ways To Go' will be appearing on the album, 'Spreading Rumours', set for release in September.

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