Surfacing: Ballet School [New Band]

on Friday, July 12, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Bella Union have been one of the finest British record labels around for a while now, and their forthcoming releases such as I Break Horses, Lanterns On The Lake, and MONEY suggest that their impressive tradition is set to continue. Another new addition to their slate are Berlin-based Ballet School, with their evocative synthy dream-pop.

Rosie Blair, Michel Collet, and Louis McGuire have had their music nostalgically compared to a whole host of bands from The Cranberries to Cocteau Twins. The comparison to the latter probably led to their deal with Bella Union, set up by members of the aforementioned band.

Their newest effort, 'Heartbeat Overture', offers a bigger sound than its predecessors but each shows a significant and pleasing eighties influence. 'Ghost' and 'All Things Return At Night' suggest particularly good things for the band's forthcoming debut album, with their driving sound.

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