Surfacing: Top Less [New Band]

on Thursday, August 15, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Top Less aren't a new band per se but the latest evolution of an outfit originally called Topless Gay Love Tekno Party. Yeah, for serious. The Canadian band are either brave or foolish. Probably a bit of both. Don't let the (old) name put you off - Top Less know how to craft a beautiful tune, as evidenced by 'Danger Love' - the first single off their forthcoming debut album.

Part of me is a little sad that Top Less have toned down their name. The other part is immensely relieved. They're still pretty ridiculous - claiming to be a "pop band from the Gay Future", for example. Which brought a massive smile to my face. A smile which continued when I first heard 'Danger Love' - a gloriously serene orchestral number. Even the crashing drums manage to exude a quiet sense of wonder.

If ever there was a sound of falling in love, I think Top Less managed to capture that on 'Danger Love'. The track is perhaps a departure from their other material, such as the more electro-based 'Robin' (download for free below). But hopefully forthcoming debut album/former band name 'Topless Gay Love Tekno Party' will have its fair share of similarly serene offerings.

'Topless Gay Love Tekno Party' is due out 2nd September. Find more info at

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