Telly Text #15: Love/Hate + Hart Of Dixie

on Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Words: Jordan Andrew


For the past few weeks, while watching 'Big Brother', I've seen the trailer for 'Love/Hate'. Whenever it came on, I hardly took any interest in it because Channel 5 are more known for import shows from the USA, and this show didn't look like it would ever work. It wasn't until a good friend cut our conversation short so she could go and watch 'Love/Hate' that I actually thought to start watching it.

The show is an Irish fictional drama based around the criminal underground scene in Dublin. Starring Robert Sheehan ('Misfits') who plays Darren Treacy a man heavily involved in the crime scene, so much that he had to take a break in Spain to avoid drama. As Darren heads back home, his brother Robbie is being released from prison but as he waits outside he is suddenly shot and left for dead.

After the killing of his brother, Darren wants revenge and is drawn back into the drug smuggling world by John Boy Power (Aidan Gillen). John Boy Power is there for Darren and even when he is re-arrested over the gun charges he was escaping from, John Boy Power manages to get him out of bail and the case thrown out of court. John Boy Power clearly looks like a character that does not just do things out of kindest, there is clearly a motive to everything he does.

With all this grief Darren runs back to his ex-girlfriend Rosie (Ruth Negga) who is carrying another man’s baby but seems to have the time to get real close with Darren, I will blame it on the hormones. As things get more physical between Rosie and her partner, Darren feels the need to set in even if that means gets blood on his hands.

My whole issue with this show is that it took three years to come over to the UK, and FIVE should have never brought the rights to show as it is probably one of the slowest shows ever. I'm disappointed to be saying this because I have seen that this drama has had three series in Ireland already and there was a lot of hype around this show. However, the acting is at a Danny Dyer level and does look like it was made on a very small and tight budget, honestly I was shocked to see my old LG phone I had about five years ago which broke down so quickly. Fill free to watch this show but I won't be giving 'Love/Hate' another chance.

Catch 'Love/Hate' on Wednesdays at 10pm or on DemandFIVE.

'Hart Of Dixie'

Really is a channel that not many people know about, it is one of the Freeview channels that I would click right past. Most of their content is either documentaries, reality TV or over the top makeover that have not been broadcasted for over five years. However if you dig a lot deeper into Really and their TV schedule you could potentially find a diamond in the rough with 'Hart Of Dixie'. Starring Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart, a New York City chick that moves to Bluebell, a small town where everyone knows everyone. Zoe Hart is always getting herself stuck in sticky situations whether it is medical or personal.

Right now, in series two, Zoe Hart is in the middle of a love triangle between two guys. Firstly we have George Tucker (Scott Potter) who is the lawyer of Bluebell, a well-respected man who has a lot in common with Zoe. Furthermore George recently broke off his engagement to the town bitch Lemon (Jaime King), and may I also add that Lemon’s Dad works in the same clinic that Zoe works in....AWKWARD!

And then there is Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel), a man that makes Zoe’s mind go very dirty and naughty whenever she sees him, mostly because his top is off in nearly every episode. These two are usually acting like a bunch of school children, but you can smell the sexual chemistry from your own television.

Whenever Zoe she always turn to one of her few friends in Bluebell, Lavern Hayes (Cress Williams) the Mayor of Bluebell and the guy she is living with. Lavern is a likable guy who the people of Bluebell adore, however has a few secrets hidden that are exposed in series two.

My only concern with this show is that people may just only see Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts from 'The OC'. 'Hart Of Dixie' is her first major television series role since 'The OC' and it can be so easy to stick an actor to one television show once you have got so used to seeing them for many series on that show. Thankfully, 'Hart Of Dixie' has been given a third series so this will allow people to see Rachel Bilson in a new role as well the cast that feature with her. If you manage to only watch one show on Really, I would recommend 'Hart Of Dixie'. Really.

Catch 'Hart Of Dixie' every Monday at 8pm on Really.

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