Surfacing: DeeDee Loves Me [New Act]

on Thursday, September 12, 2013
Words: Glen Byford

From the moment the music forcefully pulses from the speakers, to paraphrase Taylor Swift, it looks like we are in for trouble with this one. The synth-pop is more pop than it is synth and the feisty female attitude is well placed in a music industry that now can't get enough of strong independent women, and so DeeDee Loves Me steps forward, looking like Paloma Faith and sounding like a cross between Charli XCX and Lady Gaga.

A filthy mind and a filthier mouth lace DeeDee's music with lyrics that are not merely provocative but also thought provoking, a skewed 21st century view on sexuality that is very nearly lost beneath the insatiable monstrous pop music, and the whole package is almost as if a Shampoo comeback took its cue from Kylie's post 2000 career.

This West End girl apparently has a couple of hundred songs written, whilst the few available to stream right now walk a precarious line between slick pop genius and irritating eurotrash, only time will tell if DeeDee Loves Me will be accepted by the mainstream and adopted by Gaga's Little Monsters.

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