Listen: KHUSHI - Never Never [New B-side]

on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Words: Saam Das

'Magpie' is as good a debut single as we've heard in a long time, and London solo artist KHUSHI is treating us yet further with its b-side, 'Never Never'. Combining quiet melancholy with a melodic warmth, 'Never Never' contrasts the gallantry yet matches the quality of its sparkling A-side. Listen to both below.

'Never Never' draws in the listener slowly with its repeated acoustic guitar line and KHUSHI's lolling vocal, and before you know it, 'Never Never' has thoroughly enraptured. The story is not too dissimilar on A-side, 'Magpie'. Try as you might, KHUSHI's musical charm is near irresistible.

Purchase 'Magpie'/'Never Never' on 7" vinyl at Laissez Faire Club. Find more info at

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