Surfacing: Go Wolf [New Band]

on Monday, October 28, 2013
Words: Saam Das

It's somewhat rare for us to plunder the musical talents offered up across the sea in Northern Ireland, which is poor form on our behalf. As part of our apology, we're featuring the impressive Go Wolf from Belfast today - who recently put out a track on the most recent Kitsuné compilation, and have just been announced as one of the twelve acts to appear in the upcoming Belfast Music Week Showcase.

'Voices' was the track that appeared on 'Kitsuné Maison 15' last month - along with Jonny Pierce's 'Home', by the by - but it was actually 'Even God' that attracted me to the band, with its atmospheric eighties-influenced sound. The slow-burn beginning drew me in before I was fully won over by their catchy "even God gets tired sometimes" refrain.

'Voices' takes on a contrasted, bombastic approach that certainly fits more into the Kitsuné aesthetic. Hopefully Go Wolf can follow their compatriots/fellow Kitsuné alumni Two Door Cinema Club to wider success. For now, a limited CD release of 'Voices'/'Even God' will have to do.

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