Surfacing: We The Wild [New Band]

on Monday, November 04, 2013
Words: Saam Das

I wasn't overly familiar with Ant West and Casey Roarty's work in their previous band Futures but their new outfit, We The Wild, sound incredibly promising. Barring their curious decision to choose a band name already held by an ongoing Portland band, we're really looking forward to their forthcoming debut EP and more of their dark anthemic pop.

It's hard to nail down the sound that We The Wild have been producing since they appeared in the summer - there's tinges of Alt-J's experimentalism but the sultry vocals take things more in the direction of say, Jamie Woon. Either way, both 'You Lost My Mind' and 'Body Electric' are two of the most engaging tracks I've heard all year.

The 'Volume 1' EP will be released by Super Recordings on 11 November. Find more info at

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