Surfacing: GEoRGiA [New Act]

on Wednesday, June 04, 2014
Words: Saam Das // Photo: Margaux Ract

Cutting her teeth in the live bands for the likes of Kwes, Kate Tempest, and Micachu And The Shapes, Georgia Barnes has been readying her own thing on the side - now unveiling her debut effort, 'Be Ache', with a chaotic electro-industrial sound to match the haphazard spelling of her official GEoRGiA moniker. Give it a bash below.

GEoRGiA has teamed up with fellow live band mate Cherish Kaya (formerly of Ipso Facto, now of new Island Records signing JUCE) to put out her debut EP, 'Come In', on the latter's co-founded label, Kaya Kaya. GEoRGiA also seems to have backing from Rough Trade behind her, so we're expecting a fair bit. For the time being, the beguiling 'Be Ache' will do just fine.

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