Live Review: Devil Sold His Soul @ The Underworld

on Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Devil Sold His Soul live at The Underworld, London (3rd Oct '14) // Words: Simon Opie

If you are looking for a proper gig review then it’s probably not worth reading any further. This piece is actually about why I think music matters. Friday’s Devil Sold His Soul gig at The Underworld was billed as an EP launch and they played quite a bit from their upcoming November release. They also played a selection of older material mostly from the last album 'Empire Of Light' including the live staple 'No Remorse, No Regrets' and the epic 'End Of Days'. Both new and old material was delivered with a raw energy and commitment that I find totally inspiring.

DSHS could be described as a cross between The Streets and Deftones, though that probably doesn’t do them justice, and they pack a hefty punch both live and in the studio. The Underworld show saw them on top form – the spirit of the occasion was tremendously positive and the show was visually terrific too, with great lighting.

But that all seems to be stating the obvious, as I think it’s fairly evident that I have an irrational passion for DSHS and that passion is rooted in the visceral nature of their music and especially their live performance. Their appeal lies in the ability to engage the emotions and to create a storm that engulfs everything in its path. There are not many bands that can do that and in my experience DSHS do it without fail.

I would guess that DSHS have arrived at a make or break moment in their career with a move to a new label – Basick Records - and an increased professionalism in their marketing and promotional approach. Upcoming release ‘Unveiled’ has a very well put together video behind it, following up that of 'Time', the brilliant single released after new vocalist Paul Green joined the band last year. They have reached almost veteran status after 10 years with this band alone and it could well be that it’s now or never for DSHS.

Of course it will be a travesty if it’s not to be now. I can’t think of a better band on the UK scene just at present and I would so much like to see them get the rewards their talent truly deserves. It’s really simple, to be honest, because above all else music matters because of how it makes you feel. If you’re at a live gig and the music doesn’t hit you in the chest and form a knot at the back of your throat then I suggest you should ask yourself why you even bothered to turn up in the first place. Needless to say, I’ve never had to ask myself that question at a Devil Sold His Soul show.

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