Listen: Matt Woods - Leaning Towers [New Track]

on Tuesday, April 07, 2015
Words: Saam Das

Cornish solo artist Matt Woods moved to London three or so years ago, and has been honing his sound since, re-emerging with a string of tracks to kick 2015 off with a bang. Settling on "future soul", driven by Woods' heartfelt vocals, the latest emotive track 'Leaning Towers' suggest he's onto a winner.

The likes of Jamie Woon and Hozier come to mind when pigeon-holing Matt Woods but with tracks like 'Leaning Towers', he is well on the way to establishing a strong identity of his own. On Woods' new track, his soulful voice is backed up by a Daughter-esque melancholy in the instrumentation. while the towering backing vocals give 'Leaning Towers' further depth still, empowering the bittersweet lyrics. "They say leaning towers only stand together, left alone will fall."

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