Listen: Mt. Wolf - Burgs [EP Preview]

on Monday, April 13, 2015
Words: Saam Das

One of the most pleasing things of 2014 was the return of Mt. Wolf - even without former lead vocalist Kate Sproule, their comeback track 'Red' felt as naturally Mt. Wolf as any of their fantastic previous tracks had ever done. That song leads their newly released EP of the same name, and you can listen to the sprawling closer 'Burgs' below.

It's unusual for me to say that a track only really gets going past the five minute mark but with a runtime of over seven minutes, 'Burgs' offers a gloriously sparse build. It's well worth the wait. Ethereal layers of Mt. Wolf's characteristic dream-folk build around the spoken word of fashion designer-turned-yogi Guy Burgs, a swell of musical confidence perhaps inspired by Burgs' teachings.

The 'Red' EP is out today, proceeds of the sales of 'Burgs' go to Kids Company charity. Find more info at

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