Listen: Sigma Ft. Ella Henderson - Glitterball (Radio Edit)

on Thursday, May 28, 2015
Words: Saam Das

I love a tasty slice of anthemic pop, and both Sigma and Ella Henderson delivered suitably delicious pieces in 2014 with 'Changing' and 'Ghost' respectively. Now their powers have combined on new single 'Glitterball', which pretty much has #1 smash spread all over it.

'X-Factor' contestant Henderson is building an impressive set of collaborations, with 'Ghost' having been co-written by songwriter extraordinaire Ryan Tedder. Her powerful vocals are a particularly appropriate match for the drum and bass infused 'Glitterball', giving the track an ebb and flow as it negotiates huge vocal hooks and sweeping instrumentation. A masterful pop track.

'Glitterball' is due for release on 31 July. Find more info at

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