Surfacing: Roseau [New Act]

on Saturday, June 27, 2015
Words: Saam Das

Kerry Leatham may not be a fresh name to some, having collaborated with DELS and Lapalux, and with tracks appearing on the likes of 'Grey's Anatomy', but she has opted for a fresh start as Roseau. Her new approach has landed her a debut album coming out on Big Dada - home to contemporaries Kate Tempest and Speech Debelle. Listen to a couple of cuts from the forthcoming 'Salt' below.

'Alright' emerged first in mid-June, an introspective soulful effort that contrasts greatly to the more invigorating 'New Glass' which followed soon after. It's the latter track that feels most exciting, reminiscent of Micachu & The Shapes in its vibrant experimental pop.

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