Surfacing: Charlie Fink [New Act]

on Friday, July 10, 2015
Words: Saam Das

I'm still grieving the loss of Noah And The Whale - a London band who began as an upbeat folky outfit before undergoing a depressive phase and finally finishing off in a Tom Petty-inspired musical fashion. Thankfully, the individual members are still continuing on in various projects. Frontman Charlie Fink is the latest to unveil his new work, in the form of debut track 'My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm'.

Fink collaborated with producer duo Sozo & Lux (Chløë Black) on the new song, which captures some of the melancholy of mid-career Noah And The Whale, washing it in a bubbling synth-pop broth. It's basically a bit like a post-modern Buggles. Here's the video, which didn't kill any radio stars.

Download 'My Heartbeat Felt Its Rhythm' at

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