Surfacing: Stephanie O [New Artist]

on Monday, July 20, 2015
Words: Saam Das // Photo: Jamie Sinclair

Formerly part of The Puppini Sisters, who I wrote about on this very blog back in 2006(!), Stephanie O'Brien made a fresh start last year with a stunning acapella cover of Portishead's 'Glory Box'. Dropping part of her surname, she recently appeared on a compilation by the good folk over at Killing Moon, before releasing her new EP 'Alive' today.

A Kate Bush influence is clear on Stephanie O, and much like the similarly influenced Bat For Lashes, she adds her own twists via the beat-laden 'Skyline' and the string-infused EP title track 'Alive'. Listen to those tracks below, and download 'Glory Box' from the widget, ahead of tonight's EP launch at The Social.

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