Surfacing: ARDYN [New Band]

on Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Words: Saam Das

Cirencester (that's in the English county of Gloucestershire, for all you geography fans) brother-sister duo Katy Pearson and Rob Pearson have unveiled their debut material as ARDYN. Moving away from their more acoustic roots as Kitten And Bear, lead EP track 'Universe' adopts more of atmospheric psych-folk approach, reminiscent of Stealing Sheep and Daughter.

The latter comparison is perhaps unsurprising considering Rodaigh McDonald produced both this new ARDYN EP as well as Daughter's debut album. A bit of digging has also revealed a demo of another EP track, 'Help Me On My Way', which certainly hints at the more brooding sound that the duo have since been honing. The finished product can't come soon enough.

'The Universe' EP is released on National Anthem in November. Find more info at

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