Surfacing: New Pharaohs [New Act]

on Sunday, October 04, 2015
Words: Maxamillian John

You might have made the mistake of thinking that Maya Marie, former lead singer of Sohodolls, had given up years ago because there were no more soundscapes left to conquer. But she didn’t, and there were! In between co-writing 'Beat Of My Drum' for Girls Aloud alumnus Nicola Roberts, and Kelsey Ellison’s 'Pom Pom' and 'BOOM BOOM’, she also released her own solo and non-onomatopoeic songs 'Play My Way' and 'Open Checkbook'.

Now Marie has formed New Pharaohs, and this time she's using the pop drive that she’s known for to take us on a more scenic route. Debut single 'Empire' is a graceful, low-octane track that uses softer instrumentation to deliver the hook than the stompers that she made her name on. It’s a song about loss, informed by Marie’s childhood in war-torn Beirut, walking a line between melancholic contemplation and really goddamn catchy pop.

'Empire' is out now on iTunes. Find more info at

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