Watch: AOSOON - Under [Official Video]

on Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Words: Saam Das

"I'm not your usual, you see" opens AOSOON's latest track, 'Under', which is actually rather appropriate - we wouldn't usually be featuring a song that actually dates back a couple of years. But this fine effort leads a self-titled new EP, 'Alot Of Something Out of Nothing', and comes with an impressive new video. A O, let's go.

When we highlighted the band as one of our ones to watch at this year's Great Escape Festival, we described the duo as having something particularly sincere and unique about them. Something that particularly applies to 'Under'. Felix Brady's dancer-led official video perhaps isn't quite as unique - bearing resemblance to my namesake Saam Farahmand's excellently nuanced effort for 'Islands' by The xx - but is befittingly hypnotic.

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