Year In Review: Jordan Andrew's Top Twenty TV Shows Of 2015 [Part One: #20-11]

on Saturday, January 02, 2016
Words: Jordan Andrew

2015 what a year it has been from Madonna falling off the stage on The Brits, Caitlyn Jenner stealing the Karadashian crown, the Hatton Garden Heist and ‘emojis’ becoming multi-cultured and no longer being Simpsons characters. Television has also been at its best in 2015, and here's the first part of my top twenty countdown of 2015's best TV shows.

20: 'Arrow'

2015 has brought us a lot more superhero shows, some such as 'Supergirl' (which in my opinion is shockingly bad), and then we have some like 'Arrow', which each season is able to evolve and grow with high drama and intense storylines. Oliver Queen and the gang are still fighting crime after four seasons and are facing tougher challenges. In 2016, I hope for more drama and more crossover episodes with the neighboring superhero 'The Flash'.

19: 'No Offence'

Since 'The Bill', there hasn't been a cop drama that has kept a strong hold on the British public. 'No Offence' is rude, crude and just down right dirty but that is what kept the viewers coming back for more with this hit drama. I have always been critical of British comedy but 'No Offence' has been of those shows, which has proved me wrong.

18: 'Orphan Black'

Each year I have a soft spot in my heart for 'Orphan Black' it may not be big on the ratings for the closing BBC Three but that’s purely because it has not been given the chance, and is truly wasted on BBC Three. With another Emmy nomination for Tatiana Maslaney and another clone-filled season you would have to be mad not to want to join the clone gang.

17: 'Daredevil'

As much as I love 'Arrow', the award for best superhero in my eyes has to go to 'Daredevil', this Netflix’s original series had me hooked from episode one. I always fear when remakes are turned into films or the other way round, but this works perfectly, maybe because I don’t have to endure Ben Affleck for thirteen episodes.

16: 'Murder In Successville'

You may remember when I first reviewed 'Murder In Successville' - I was very critical regarding the celebrities (such as Jamie Laing from 'Made In Chelsea') involved, and at the time felt it was cheesy and desperate. But this show works because of DI Sleet (Tom Davis), who provides the humour and encourages the celebrity sidekicks to make utter fools of themselves in the name of crime solving. I am hoping in 2016 when this show comes back for second series, I will be able to solve more than one crime.

15) 'Orange Is The New Black'

A regular in the annual Telly Text countdown are those Litchfield female prisoners, who are able to bring the fun, sex and utter madness all in one show. I will hold my hands up and gladly say I binged watched through the new season on the first weekend of release. The temperature was raised a bit more with the addition of Ruby Rose, who has just blown up in 2015. All I know is that when 2016 hits, I will be waiting to get my next fix of 'Orange Is The New Black'.

14: 'The Walking Dead'

Social media each week was full of statuses regarding 'The Walking Dead'. With twists, turns and more flesh eating zombies, it makes you wonder how they have survived six seasons. As well as that fans were treated to a prequel 'Fear Of The Walking Dead' to sink their teeth into. There looks like no signs of this show slowing down in 2016, so fans will be hungry for more next year.

13: 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

If this list was about best television theme tune then hands down 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' would win, as I type I am already singing the theme tune which is truly addictive. This Netflix original comedy is written and produced by Tina Fey, and stars Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt a native woman who is rescued from a doomsday cult and lives life in New York. This theme tune is so good even our editors featured it in his countdown of the top tracks of 2015.

12: 'The Great British Bake Off'

I would feel foolish to ignore 'The Great British Bake Off' and the monster of ratings that Simon Cowell would dream of having. Maybe it is the fat guy in me which loves a good bit of carbs in me but each week I would make sure I was home to see which baker would be crowned “star baker”, and who would be kicked out of the tent. I generally feel inspired to bake after each episode but then that feels usually goes once I buy something from Tesco...

11: 'Doctor Who'

Steven Moffat has breathed life in 'Doctor Who' by keeping it fresh and original and this series has been no different. Peter Capaldi looks a lot more comfortable as the Doctor and along with the departing Jenna Coleman have received both received critical acclaim for this series. It will be interesting to see in 2016 which direction Moffat takes 'Doctor Who'.

Part two will be available shortly.

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