Playlist: Listen To Our Top Tracks From May 2016

on Monday, June 13, 2016
Words: Saam Das

We rather incredibly have over 3 million plays on our Soundcloud page and a not insignificant number of followers on that platform, so we've launched a new monthly Soundcloud playlist capturing our favourite tracks each month. Listen to May's effort below, along with a little bit on each track:

Anna Zed - 'Jump'

We premiered 'Jump' from Anna's new self-titled EP at the end of the month but it opens our May playlist. Easing the listener in, 'Jump' has the same kind of emotive quality that has propelled Florence & The Machine to such great success.

Seramic - 'Found'

Now I've discovered that Marcus Foster is behind this hitherto mystery outfit, I'm feeling a bit more receptive to his outgoings. In a year that Prince died, the bonkers 'Found' seems like both an appropriate tribute and a potential continuation of his work.

SchulKid feat. I Am Harlequin - 'La La Lave'

London producer Schulkid teams up with London-based I Am Harlequin on this floaty, brass-infused track that truly excels when it goes a bit gospel circa 2:15.

Chastity - 'Peroxide'

I caught Chastity at The Great Escape on the strength of this track, which meant I was in for a considerable surprise. The beautifully tender 'Peroxide' is a wonderful anomaly for the Rage Against The Machine-inspired Canadian outfit.

Thrones - 'Midnight'

The London/Berkshire lot are really cornering the market for atmospheric-meets-anthemic indie, as their newest track 'Midnight' aptly demonstrates.

Harper - 'Blood Sweat Tears'

Another act I saw in Brighton at The Great Escape, I'm happy to report that Harper belts them out live just as well as she does in the studio. Appearing on her new EP, 'Blood Sweat Tears' is the latest step on the journey to pop stardom.

Volunteer - 'Lose My Head'

Cory Quintard's Volunteer channels Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit on 'Lose My Head', and he does it oh so well.

Modern Pleasure - 'Messina'

A re-incarnation of Goodbye Chanel, their debut track 'Messina' signalled the start of summer in its own jangly, woozy way.

Secret From Richard - 'Feel My Fire'

Around this time eleven years ago, I spent a very enjoyable week in Norfolk on a cricket tour. Norfolk band Secret From Richard are continuing my enjoyment of the area with this burst of guitar-pop.

Alice Jemima - 'Liquorice'

A bit of a departure from the more acoustic fare that Alice Jemima has been known for, the well-received funk of 'Liquorice' suggests her wider ambitions are on the money.

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