Surfacing: Frank Gamble [New Band]

on Friday, September 16, 2016
Words: Saam Das

It seems that a debut solo album from Hannah Yadi isn't coming anytime soon - a shame for one of our 2013 ones to watch who we pegged as a future popstar after a series of top notch tracks and belting live performances. But she's not just been sitting around. Her latest project, Frank Gamble, emerged last year but has only just revealed her involvement in the hitherto mystery outfit.

Yadi has once again offered her delectable vocal power in a collaboration with produced Hoost, following a now unavailable cover of The Weeknd's 'Initiation' from a few years back. Their latest RnB-tinged get togethers have seen them signed to PMR, home to Jessie Ware and Disclosure. (And they seem to manage Jai Paul, although I'm becoming increasingly certain that he was just a collective fever dream.)

Frank Gamble have shown a certain versatility since the appearance of the exotic 'MYTHS' in 2015, with new track 'Heart Speaks' swaying towards EDM. 'Something Wrong' falls in the middle, both chronologically and tonally, and you can see which of the three-strong Frank Gamble back catalogue you most enjoy.

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