Surfacing: LUV [New Band]

on Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Words: Saam Das

I was in Leeds earlier in the year for the excellent Live At Leeds festival, and that old "hotbed of musical talent" adage felt pretty appropriate. And lo, Leeds' latest and best musical offering has appeared, in the form of LUV. Listen to their sparkling debut track 'Loving Somebody' below.

An obvious reference point for 'Loving Somebody' is The 1975 - a band that went through a few iterations before nailing it, as LUV also seem to be attempting - with Elliot Parsons' yelping vocals suitably fitting in against a glimmering synth-pop background. The usual gamut of new-year-new-band tips will start to appear shortly across music publications, and while it might be early days for LUV, they're certainly ones to watch.

Listen to 'Loving Somebody' on Spotify. Find more info at

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