Listen: Alec Benjamin - Death Of A Hero [New Single]

on Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Words: Saam Das

Whenever new Alec Benjamin music rears its head, I feel him edging closer to well deserved mainstream success. The Arizona singer-songwriter operates out of LA nowadays, and his on-the-cusp crossover tracks which brought him to the attention of Columbia Records have now landed him at the educated feet of Atlantic Records. Benjamin's latest track 'Death Of A Hero' is an appropriate continuation of his hitherto excellent work.

Benjamin introduces the song as "a story about one of my heroes who really let me down" - arguably as much a "death of a childhood" as it is a 'Death Of A Hero', Benjamin's new track reflects the old adage to "never meet your heroes". Sharing both the pop sensibilities of an Ed Sheeran as well as the more poetic intricacies of a Sufjan Stevens, 'Death Of A Hero' is a head-nodding, heartbreaking piece of quiet beauty.

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